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Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter Blade

Purchase stuff is precisely what you say more, no less. The blades are razor-sharp, the steel is brushed for a fantastic look, and the felt pouch is a beautiful addition. This guillotine cutter is exceptionally well-liked

by the public. In terms of twin-bladed cutters, this is the one that will offer you the most significant value for your dollar. Most cigar enthusiasts will tell you that a guillotine cutter is their preferred cutter. It is simple to use, offers a good level cut, and is lightweight and portable. Cigar Cutter is included in the package. Please be aware that the item's colour in the picture may seem somewhat different from the real thing due to lighting circumstances and diverse displays.


  • The blade is made of stainless steel.

  • Double-edged blades

  • Every time, the perfect cut is achieved.

  • This guillotine cutter is quite popular amongst people.

  • When it comes to two-bladed cutters, this will offer you the most bang for your money in terms of performance.

  • The majority of cigar enthusiasts will tell you that a guillotine cutter is their preferred cutter.

  • Easy to use, produces a beautiful even cut, and is compact enough to be carried about in a purse or pocket.

  • Comes with a lovely leather bag to hold and protect the cutters, making it very easy to take about.


Products that include electrical plugs, intended for usage in the United States. Because electrical outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device may need an adapter or converter to use at your destination. Please double-check compatibility before making a purchase.

The utmost focus is given to quality.

Each cutter that we manufacture goes through a stringent inspection procedure to ensure that we give the highest possible quality.

What is the proper way to cut a cigar using a cigar cutter?

  • Choose the right end of the cigar to chop off the back.

  • Identify the point at which the cigar's "shoulder" comes to an end.

  • Please pick up the cigar cutter between your thumb and fingers and hold it there using your dominant hand.

  • Close one eye when placing the cigar into the cutter to ensure that the cigar is aligned correctly.

  • Cut the cigar in one continuous stroke, using as much power as you can muster up.

The product is quite durable, and the blades are sharp. The cutter makes a refined, clean-cut with just a tiny amount of pastel colour lost in the process. Not sure how well the blades will keep up over time, but thus far, everything seems to be in working order!

The pricing was more than reasonable compared to the exceptional quality you obtained. The item will be delivered before the expected delivery date and in the same condition as described by you.

Final Verdict

Manufacturers may update their ingredient lists occasionally, despite our best efforts to guarantee that product information is current. In some instances, actual product packaging and materials may have additional and different information from that shown on our website. We suggest that you do not focus only on the information supplied and that you read labels, warnings, and directions carefully before using or ingesting a product

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